Write your own zany adventure story!

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Write your own zany adventure story!

Space Place Loopy Legends

outline of a character and a telescope
  • Fill in the kind of word described below the blank line.
  • We'll use the words to fill in blanks in a story.
  • Read the story to yourself or your friends and family.

I want to write...

A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, animal, or idea. For example: apple, mother, park, lizard, hat, and discipline are all nouns.
A verb is an action word. It is the "doing" part of a sentence. For example, run, write, cry, lift, sleep, or just be.
An adjective adds information about a noun. For example, red, soft, dry, tired, and quick are adjectives.
An adverb adds information about a verb. (It does other things too, but not here.) Examples are timidly, quickly, roughly, lovingly, and loudly.
You must fill in each word.
article last updated March 26, 2015
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