A Long-Distance Message

I put a message in a noun and threw it into the sea today. The message said: “greeting! My name is name and I am from country. Please respond to this note with a noun letting me know where you are from.” Ocean currents will take my message all around the world, from location to location. It might even make it all the way to famous place. Who knows what adjective person may find my message! It could be a adjective person from country or it could even be someone like famous person from right near by. I guess it all depends on which way the adjective ocean currents flow!

a charcter waving at a message in a bottle

While it may look like the water in the ocean is staying put, it is actually always moving. Ocean water travels all around the world because the surface of the world’s oceans is full of powerful currents. These surface currents form mainly as the result of wind. The Gulf Stream is one of the most well-known ocean currents. This current transports warm water from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up the eastern coast of the United States before heading in the direction of western Europe. Because it transports warm water, it also plays a big role in climate. Without the Gulf Stream, northwest Europe would be much colder. NASA satellites can actually view many of these currents from space!