A Slimy Day at the Beach

I was eager to go swimming at the beach today. I packed my noun and even some plural noun. I was so prepared that I even packed a adjective kind of food for lunch. But when I got to famous person Beach, something was terribly wrong! Instead of being adjective and blue, the water was brown and goopy. There was a brown sludge everywhere. I couldn’t see any plural animal in the water. When I tried to jump in the water, person pulled me aside and said, “Don’t go into the water; it’s very adjective in there!” It’s a good thing I didn’t go swimming—the water smelled like person!.

a character holding her nose next to a green ocean with a dead fish

Sometimes ocean waters can become overrun with algae. Algae are a large group of organisms that use the sunlight to produce food. All algae require nutrients⎯chemicals that help it grow. When there are too many nutrients in the water, the amount of algae grows quickly. These events are called algal blooms. Algal blooms can harm the ecosystem and spoil the fun for people who wish to enjoy the beach. To get a clearer picture of where they happen and how long they last, NASA uses satellites to monitor algal blooms from space.