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What Is the Sun's Corona?
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This Month's Art Challenge Selections

Submit a poem about Earth! Click here to view more poems!

Poem and illustration about Earth. At the top of the page is a drawing of two people standing outside beside two apple trees. The stick figures with blond hair stand below clouds, drawn in pencil. They stand to the left of two apple trees, one taller and wider than the other. The trunks are colored brown. The apples are bright red. Below the illustration is the accompanying poem. The poem reads, Earth has oceans. Apple trees. Robins feed babies. Thunder and lightning. Has animals. The poem is written in pencil.

Dimitra, 4

Poem about Earth on top of a cut-out illustration of Earth. The artist created this piece by printing out a typed poem and cutting out each line of the poem. They pasted each phrase onto their drawing of Earth that is cut into a circle. The poem reads, Earth, Beautiful, plentiful, Changing, rotating, spinning, Mountains, people, water, plants, Floating, moving, flying, Graceful, peaceful, Planet. Earth is colored blue and green using colored pencils.

Panagiota, 8

Poem about Earth accompanied by doodles. The poem reads, I love the Earth so much. I love the Earth so much. Why do we love the Earth? I know why we love the Earth. I love to grow plants. Let the animals live in the forest. Let the deers run, let the lions roar, let the fishes swim. Do not throw trash on the road. By keeping our mother Earth safe. I love the Earth so much. I love the Earth so much. I want to be an astronaut. So I can see mother Earth. Let us all love our planet Earth! The poem is written in marker and surrounded by some doodles. The doodles at the very bottom of the page, below the poem, show an astronaut in an orange suit holding a red flag and a green and blue smiling Earth extending its arms outwards. In the bottom right corner of the image is a smiling sun.

Aayansh, 8

A poem about Earth accompanied by an illustration of Earth. The poem is an acrostic poem (an acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letter of each new line spells out a word) and is written in pencil. The first letter of each new line spells out the word, Earth. The full poem reads, Every time Earth changes, as seasons grow, rain goes trickle trickle, the flowers and weeds grow, hard winter is around the corner. To the right of the poem is an illustration of Earth, drawn with colored pencils. The oceans are blue and the land masses of North and South America are green.

Aiden, 8

A poem about Earth Day. The poem reads, Happy Earth Day! Without water we cannot survive, Earth is the only planet where we can live. Because it is full of water. But of global warming it is getting hotter. That’s why all the water is getting vanished and our Earth is getting damaged. Please save water and plant a tree. Make a better home for you and me. Don’t throw waste on the way. Make every day an Earth day, a green day. Save our planet Earth!

Parineeka, 11

A poem about the Earth accompanied by an abstract illustration. The poem is written in black marker and reads, The Earth is small but its Moon is smaller. But in my heart I create art. I love my Earth.

Dravn, 7

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