All About Jupiter

A cartoon of Jupiter smiling, saying, I'm the biggest.

What is Jupiter like?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It's similar to a star, but it never got big enough to start burning. It is covered in swirling cloud stripes. It has big storms like the Great Red Spot, which has been going for hundreds of years. Jupiter is a gas giant and doesn't have a solid surface, but it may have a solid inner core about the size of Earth. Jupiter also has rings, but they're too faint to see very well.

Jupiter's Merit Badges

Click the planet badges to learn more about Jupiter:

a merit badge that shows a large circle in the middle indicating a large planet
a merit badge has bands of yellow and blue showing a general gas giant
a merit badge with an orange planet and a thick blue band above it
a merit badge with a planet and an arrow encircling it, showing rotation
a merit badge with a sun and an arrow encircling it, showing revolution around the sun
a merit badge with a purple ring in the center
a merit badge with an ancient symbol
a merit badge that shows an orange planet horizon and a moon in the background
a merit badge with a simplified spacecraft made of a square and two rectangles

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What does Jupiter look like?

A photo of Jupiter in the top left corner, clearly showing the bands of Jupiter's colors: brown, grey,and red. A small moon is in the lower right hand corner.

Here you can see Jupiter and one of its many moons, Ganymede.

A full face of Jupiter with the Great Red Spot on the right hand side. A small dark spot on the left side of Jupiter is the shadow of a moon passing in front.

This picture is actually four pictures taken by Cassini put together. The dark spot on the left is the shadow from Jupiter's moon Europa.

A close up image of Jupiter's Red Spot, showing swirls of brown and red gas.

This picture taken by Voyager 2 shows the Great Red Spot.

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article last updated August 2, 2017
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