The many-eyed Earth watcher

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Many-eyed Earth Watcher

Solve this crossword about Earth. You will know all the answers if you first read the story below about MISR, the multi-eyed Earth watcher and look at the 3-D pictures!

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The Nine-eyed MISR

There are no easy answers up there in the sky! We need to learn a lot more in order to understand how our human activities may be causing unwanted changes on our home planet.

MISR instrument on Terra spacecraft.

This is a picture of a spacecraft named after the planet it was made to study. The spacecraft is called Terra, which is another name for Earth. Terra was launched in December 1999. Terra carries five special instruments for observing Earth in different ways.

Legoland-built model of MISR.

One of the instruments is the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer, or MISR ("Miser") for short. MISR is nine cameras in one, each pointing in a different direction. As MISR passes over an area, each camera gets a shot from its own angle. Seeing the same piece of Earth's surface or atmosphere from nine different angles tells scientists a lot more than seeing it from just one angle.

Here are some examples. Click on the small pictures to see bigger ones and to find out what they are. Some are 3-D images that you can see if you have a pair of red/blue 3-D glasses..

Red/blue glasses for viewing anaglyphs.

You can buy these at comic book stores or from sellers on the web.

Four angles on the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern United States.

Appalachians from four different angles.
Delaware Bay

Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay, and the Appalachian Mountains.

Big Island of Hawaii, including a 3-D picture.

Hawaii big island.
Hawaii big island.

Hurricane Carlotta, including a 3-D picture.

San Cristobal Volcano, in Nicaragua, including a 3-D picture.

San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua.

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