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Play Helios!

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a cartoon proton

Keep the sun shining bright.

Combine protons and neutrons in just the right way to make helium and release energy. It's called fusion, and it's what makes the sun burn so hot for so long.

How to play:

this animated gif shows the basics of the gameplay, matching protons and neutrons to get the fusion reaction happening this diagram shows the mechanism of fusion: two protons combine and form a proton and neutron. That then combines with another proton. When two of those then combine, fusion occurs.

Combine, swap, and complete reactions for points!

a cartoon helium molecule
  • Combine particles that are across from one another on the game board. Push the particles across the board to make reactions happen.

  • The order matters: not all particles will combine. You have to match the right particles to keep the reaction going. See the chart for the fusion reaction steps.

  • If you want to combine particles that aren't across from each other, swap particles with their neighbors. But these swaps are limited. Use them wisely! Each time you combine two helium molecules, you complete the reaction and earn 1 point and 1 swap.

  • a cartoon helium molecule
  • Press "End Game" in the bottom left when you are out of moves!

Let's get fusing!

article last updated March 6, 2017
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