White outline illustration of Europa Clipper.Sign Your Name to a Poem That Will Fly Aboard Europa Clipper!

Illustration of Pluto smiling.
Printable Space Valentines!
Image of an asteroid in the dark void of space.
What Is an Asteroid?
Image of the solar corona during a solar eclipse.
What Is the Sun's Corona?
Cartoon illustration of a parent and child observing the night sky.
Skywatching Tips!
What's up in the night sky this month? Check out a summary and skywatching tips from NASA!
Animation of the Moon crossing the path of the Sun in the sky as a cat and dog watch from the ground.
What Is a Solar Eclipse?
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

This Month's Art Challenge Selections

Create art showing what wacky things could happen on Earth if there were no leap years!

Adrianne, 13

Akashh, 10


Brian, 10

Elena, 12

Elladya, 9

Emiliana, 11

Gianna, 12

Henry, 10

Jaiden, 13

Joe, 12

Johann, 8


Kathryn, 13

Krrish, 13

Naisha, 7

Nataly, 11

Nicole, 13

Oden, 6

Sophia, 10

Valeria, 10

Xander, 11

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