Animation of all the states of the United States of America falling into place on the Earth.
What Is NASA Doing in Your State?
Cartoon illustration of the Perseverance rover with a big smile.
What Is the Perseverance Rover?
An image of the Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula.
What Is a Nebula?
Cartoon illustration of a parent and child observing the night sky.
Skywatching Tips!
What's up in the night sky this month? Check out a summary and skywatching tips from NASA!
Bingo card with words to cross off during the launch of SWOT. The Bingo board is five columns wide by five rows tall. The first row has the words water, ocean, radar, separation, and lakes. The second row has the words Vandenberg, climate, rivers, Earth, and global. The third row has the words instrument, launch, free space, flood, and mission. The fourth row has the words sea level, surface, orbit, data, and communities. The fifth row has the words coast, rocket, satellite, science, and spacecraft.
Play SWOT Launch Bingo!
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

This Month's Art Challenge Selections

What are you most thankful for on Earth?

Drawing of a tree with Earth superimposed over it and the Sun shining brightly on the Earth. There are stick figure humans climbing on the tree. The leaves on the tree contain words of things that the artist is thankful for: family, gravity, moon, food, books, parks, trees, plants, art, fire, travel, clothes, shelter, air, animals, water, and sun. Below the tree, there is an upside down car with the words solution and pollution next to it.

Aayansh, 7

Drawing of a rocket flying, the Moon, and the Orion spacecraft.

Abhay, 11

Drawing of a Moon landscape, including a rocket, house, alien creature, astronaut and the Earth in the sky.

Adwita, 8

Drawing of four separate scenes, one of mountains, one of trees, one of the sky with the Sun and stars, and one with a rainbow.

Alondra, 8

Drawing of the Earth with a hopeful smile.

Alyssa, 8

Drawing of a bee flying toward a flower.

Amelia, 9

Drawing of a family of four standing next to a house.

Anika, 7

Drawing of a brick wall with a sunset, mountains and trees beyond it.

Anusha, 9

Drawing of two paw prints in the night sky, one named Cody and the other named Fluffy.

Araely, 12

Drawing of two people dancing, one wearing a dress with trees and a cloudy sky printed on it and the other wearing a suit with music notes printed on it.

Bianca, 15

Drawing of an underwater scene with various fish swimming around.

Evelyn, 10

Drawing of an underwater scene with various fish, sea turtles, whales and squid.

Henry, 7

Drawing of two parrots flying over a forest.

Juliana, 12

Drawing of a meteor shower in the night sky with the word Life written in the middle.

Kathryn, 12

Drawing of stick figures holding hands while standing on top of the Earth. The colors of the stick figures make a rainbow.

Lev Manuil, 15

Drawing of a planet with a pug face in the middle with the words Planet Pug below it.

Lucas, 12

Drawing of a forest with various creatures inhabiting it, including a rabbit, squirrel, owl and parrot.

Luna, 8

Drawing of a rainbow with people sliding down it.

Rahini, 6

Drawing of a tree with an arrow representing carbon dioxide pointing toward it and an arrow representing oxygen pointing away from it.

Rithvik, 8

Drawing of a tree in Autumn with red, orange and yellow leaves.

Simran, 14

Drawing of Earth with stars and the Sun surrounding it.

Sophia, 12

Drawing of an island with two palm trees on it and a sunset in the background.

Yuna, 10

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