NASA Space Place Art Challenge!

An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy.

Do you love making art and using your imagination? So do we! Every NASA mission starts with a creative idea about how to explore something in a new way.

The art challenge:

In this new activity, we’d like to challenge young explorers to think about and draw a space-related situation each month. And after the month is over, we’ll select a few imaginative drawings to be featured on the NASA Space Place website!

So, get ready to exercise that creative brain of yours! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Art supplies (pencils, markers, crayons, paints – whatever you like to use)
  • A grownup helper with a camera or scanner and access to email

Check back next year for more art challenges! Check out some of the selections from 2021 below!

How to submit your art:

Once you’ve gotten your ideas on the page, have a grownup take a photo or scan of the drawing and email the following to

That’s it! Have fun creating and we can’t wait to see your drawings!

This Year in Art Challenges

Here are some of the art challenge selections from 2021! See you next year!

User submitted drawing of auroras in a black sky.

Allie, 7

User submitted drawing of bees flying around some tree branches with blooming flowers.


User submitted drawing of a colorful sky ranging from purple to orange.

Kenny, 8

User submitted drawing of palm trees in front of a sunset.


User submitted drawing of a Mars rover on Mars and Earth in the distance.

Jaewon, 7

User submitted drawing of stars drawn with rainbow marker on a black background.

Scarlet, 9

User submitted drawing of Jupiter with three of its moons, creatures on one of the moons and the Juno spacecraft.

Aditi, 7

User submitted drawing of Jupiter, moons and the Juno spacecraft on a black background.

Naisha, 5

User submitted drawing of the Statue of Liberty on the left and Jupiter on the right.

Andrea, 13

User submitted drawing of the asteroid belt on the left and the Lucy spacecraft observing some asteroids on the right.

Naisha, 5

User submitted drawing of a meteor shower over a city at night.

Abigail, 10

User submitted drawing of some meteors approaching Earth.

Rebecca, 7

User submitted drawing of the Moon with a witch, candy and pumpkin in front of it.

Eric, 5

User submitted drawing of an astronaut on the Moon looking down at Earth which has a pumpkin, ghost, candy and tombstone on it.


User submitted drawing of the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx approaching Earth with a thought bubble indicating it is holding an asteroid sample.


User submitted drawing of a bucket of rainbow colored material.

Naisha, 4

User submitted drawing of a creature next to a robot on another planet.

Chu, 4

User submitted drawing of a NASA branded robot on another planet.

Juliana, 11

User submitted drawing of the Sun with Earth and Mars in the distance.

Kerri, 18

User submitted drawing of a blue planet with yellow streaks in the sky around it.

Yaliz, 11


I hereby grant to the California Institute of Technology (Institute) and its Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the right to make, use, create derivative works and/or display:

  1. photos, video and/or audio tape recordings of, my Child and/or
  2. artwork (in any media, including drawings, photos, music and video creations) created by my Child and submitted to JPL and/or

in any manner or form, and for any lawful purpose at any time. I also grant the Institute to use my Child’s name associated with such photos, recordings of my Child or with his/her artwork. I understand that my Child may be photographed and/or video or audio taped verbatim and that the Institute may allow persons external to the Institute to view the pictures or recordings in part or in their entirety. I also understand that any artwork submitted by my Child to the Institute for the Project may be edited, reproduced or displayed publicly at the Institute’s discretion. I am fully aware and agree that such use of my Child’s image or artwork and name may include posting on publicly available internet sites, including JPL sites and other publicly viewable social media sites. I waive any right that I may have to review or approve of any finished products, or the uses to which such products may be applied. I release and discharge the Institute, its employees, sponsors, and subcontractors from any liability to me by virtue of any representation that may occur in the creation, editing or use of said photos and/or video or audio tape recordings or the editing or use of my Child’s artwork.

article last updated December 2, 2021
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