Illustration of Pluto smiling.
Printable Space Valentines!
Image of an asteroid in the dark void of space.
What Is an Asteroid?
Image of the solar corona during a solar eclipse.
What Is the Sun's Corona?
Cartoon illustration of a parent and child observing the night sky.
Skywatching Tips!
What's up in the night sky this month? Check out a summary and skywatching tips from NASA!
Animation of the Moon crossing the path of the Sun in the sky as a cat and dog watch from the ground.
What Is a Solar Eclipse?
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

This Month's Art Challenge Selections

Draw how you imagine lightning to look.

Illustration of lightning striking through a castle floating in the sky.

Anna, 13

Side by side illustrations of a modern person understanding the science behind lightning and an ancient person scared of lightning.

Archan, 9

Illustration of lightning in a sky of dark clouds.

Arsh, 10

A cardboard box and construction paper depicting a scene of lightning striking the ground.

Caden, 10

Illustration of purple lightning in a dark sky with negative charges in the clouds and positive charges on the ground.

Elladya, 9

Illustration of lightning striking near a lake, with its reflection visible in the lake.

Evelyn, 11

Illustration of neon lines swirling in cloudy mist.

Ishaan, 8

Paper cutouts of lightning, clouds and a spacecraft.

Jana, 10

Paper cutouts representing the inside of a bedroom with lightning in the sky outside the window.

Kingston, 9

Various craft materials pasted together to depict lightning striking near a forest.

Klaudia, 6

Illustration of a city skyline with lightning striking from the clouds in the sky.

Leah, 11

Illustration of a lightning storm over the ocean, being watched by a spacecraft in the sky.

Lilly, 10

Paper cutouts of clouds in the sky with lightning below them.

Luna, 9

Illustration of lightning inside a glass container.

McKenzie, 10

Illustration of a person inside a building, looking out the window at a lightning storm over the city skyline in the distance.

Naisha, 7

Illustration of a lightning storm over three mountains, each of which have a concerned look on their face.

Olimani, 12

Illustration of lightning striking a house and trees. The house and trees are on fire. A tornado is approaching the house and trees. The tornado has consumed a cow and some trees.

Quinn, 10

Paper cutouts depicting lightning in the sky and a grassy scene on the ground.

Rupam, 11

Illustration of lightning in a dark sky with the silhouette of a cactus on the ground in the foreground.

Sharadha, 12

Illustration of three clouds in the sky with lightning striking from them to some power poles below. The lightning makes the shape of human bodies with the clouds as heads, so they appear to be dancing in the sky.

Sophia, 10

Illustration of the Earth with some lightning on its surface and a spacecraft observing from orbit.

Taifur, 5

Illustration of two spacecraft in orbit working together to predict lightning strikes on Earth.

Varun, 10

Photo of color blocks assembled to look like a cloud with lightning below it.

Zeke, 7

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