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This Month's Art Challenge Selections

Draw what a day outdoors on another planet might look like!

An illustration of a girl standing on the surface of Mercury. In the foreground, a girl with a light-colored outfit stands next to a sign that says, Welcome to Mercury. In the background, dark brown mountains rise from the ground and grow upwards toward the top of the image. The sky is black with white crosses and dots representing distant stars.

Araely, 12

An illustration of an astronaut floating above a planet’s surface on multi-colored balloons. The planet’s surface is light brown with medium-sized beige circles representing craters. On the left side of the image, a yellow building with black windows and a brown tree with a green canopy rises from the surface of the planet. The background of the illustration is a blue sky with scattered black squiggles indicating wind blowing from the left to the right sides of the image. Three white clouds float at the top of the illustration. The main feature of the art piece is an astronaut in a white suit floating in the sky with the help of a bundle of multi-colored patterned balloons.

Eki, 7

An illustration depicting the difference of day and night on Mercury. The text at the top of the illustration says, Mercurio and the picture is divided into two halves, Día and Noche. On the left side of the image, daytime on Mercury is shown, with a big, bright yellow sun and orange rays. In the foreground is the gray surface of Mercury. It appears rocky with small black craters. On the right side of the image, nighttime on Mercury is illustrated. Distant planets, including Earth, are seen in the background, among a black background peppered with white stars. The foreground is the rocky, hilly surface of Mercury, outlined with different hues of blue.

Emilio, 14

An illustration of an astronaut on the surface of Mars. The astronaut is wearing a white suit with red rings around the arms and legs. The astronaut’s arms are stretched out, as if they are excitedly smiling for a picture. The astronaut’s left hand is holding a white flag decorated with a small red heart. The fore- and background of the illustration is the orange and brown mountainous surface of Mars. On top of a large hill behind the astronaut is a Mars rover climbing up the hill.

Emma, 10

An illustration a black silhouette walking on the surface of Jupiter. The black silhouette has one hand stretched out. A black mountain rises from the surface on the left side of the image. A brown hill grows upwards on the right side of the image. Brown, yellow, and red swirling waves color the background. On the top left corner of the illustration are three circles.

Ethan, 14

This illustration is titled, A Day Floating on Jupiter. It shows a person in a purple suit drifting across Jupiter’s red and orange hilly surface. The background is black, with various shapes and sizes of debris floating in space. Yellow paint splatters pepper the black background.

Evelyn, 10

An illustration of two people experiencing a day on Mars. In the foreground is the surface of Mars, colored with orange and yellow colored pencils. A black stick-figure with its mouth open lays on the ground with the text, I need… water… written below it. To the stick figure’s left, a brown crater with the text, (Tiny drop of water) indicates that the surface of Mars is very dry with minimal available water. A black lawn chair and a yellow and red-striped umbrella are drawn above this crater. On the Martian horizon, half of a stick figure with its arms flailing has the text, Help written above it. The background of the illustration is light blue with a portion of the big, bright yellow Sun illustrated on the top left corner.

Fenet, 10

An illustration of the surface of a blue planet. The light blue planet’s surface in the foreground is decorated with turquoise features and craters protruding outwards. Beyond this planet’s surface is a black background with scattered white dots. Another blue planet is seen beyond the foreground. This planet has a gray ring circling it horizontally.

Gabriel, 11

An illustration of wacky weather! There is a tornado-like illustration in the middle of this abstract image. On each side of this tornado, there are S-shaped lightning bolts. Around these lightning bolts is black paint. Other features decorate the image, such as stickers, blue waves, black swirls, and red details.

Gaon, 6

An illustration of Neptune. The text on this image says, Drop the supplies, it will automatically freeze!!. This image depicts an astronaut dropping supplies onto the surface of Neptune and those supplies freezing into ice cubes. The astronaut, in a white suit, is on the right side of the illustration, and the supplies they dropped float, in their cube form, toward the center of the image. Neptune’s surface is drawn in the background. It is various hues of blue, and colored in a stripe pattern. Beyond the planet’s surface is a black and brown background.

Haerin, 9

An illustration titled, A Day on Uranus. The majority of this art piece is colored blue. Sharp triangular mountains rise from the surface. Spiraled squiggles above the mountains indicate wind blowing from the left side of the image to the right. In the foreground, on the surface of Uranus, a person appears to be frozen in an ice cube. Two text bubbles appear on each side of the person frozen in ice, and they say, Brr… I’m so cold! and I am a ice cube!. On the left side of the illustration is a red rocket ship-like figure with smoke coming out of it, suggesting the astronaut frozen in ice crash-landed on Uranus.

Huck, 11

An illustration of an astronaut floating in the clouds of Saturn with a cat and a dog floating with them.

Isla, 9

Illustration of a ring of Saturn with some paw prints on it.

Johnathan, 5

Illustration of an alien under an umbrella on Mars.

Laura, 11

Illustration of a planet with a volcano erupting and an asteroid in the sky.

Liam, 13

Illustration of a person ice skating on the surface of Titania with Uranus in the sky.

Mackenzie, 11

Illustration of an astronaut holding a star balloon and giving a thumbs up on the surface of a cold planet that has mountains and trees.

Mariana, 10

Illustration of three aliens throwing snowballs on the surface of a red planet.

Naisha, 6

Illustration of a person looking at Titan through binoculars from Saturn and noting that it is raining farts on Saturn.

Oliver, 8

Clay model of a person kayaking on Uranus.

Sahana, 8

Illustration of a desert landscape with several bolts of lightning and tornados.

Santiago, 12

Illustration of a cold, snowy landscape on Neptune with snow covered trees, an igloo and a creature emerging from behind a hill.


Illustration of an alien and astronaut on the surface of Venus with various planets scattered in the sky. There is also a sign next to the alien that says welcome to Venus.

Sofia, 10

Illustration of the dusty surface of Mars with a picnic blanket and basket setup on the ground.

Sophia, 12

Illustration of several people standing on Jupiter and setting up various camps.

Woohyun, 9

Illustration of two astronauts on the surface of Mars, one of which has bunny ears.

Yongjae, 8

Illustration of a fairy princess in an ice castle on Neptune.

Yujeong, 7

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