Illustration of Pluto smiling.
Printable Space Valentines!
Image of an asteroid in the dark void of space.
What Is an Asteroid?
Image of the solar corona during a solar eclipse.
What Is the Sun's Corona?
Cartoon illustration of a parent and child observing the night sky.
Skywatching Tips!
What's up in the night sky this month? Check out a summary and skywatching tips from NASA!
Animation of the Moon crossing the path of the Sun in the sky as a cat and dog watch from the ground.
What Is a Solar Eclipse?
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

This Month's Art Challenge Selections

For Earth Day, think of something on Earth that involves a lot of smaller parts coming together to make something big.

Illustration of a sky and outlines of trees. The trees are filled in with real seeds. Text reads We need more seeds to plant to save the Earth.

Alonzo, 10

Bright paper cutouts form a coral reef. Various stickers of fish are placed in the scene.

Amyra, 5

Illustration of the Earth with a large person, city, bowl and trees standing around it. Each object is filled with droplets of water. Text reads Save every droplet of water.

Aurora, 8

Illustration of a whale jumping out of the water with half of its body still below the water line. Under the water, the whales body appears to be made from various pieces of trash. There is an asteroid in the sky and the Moon. The sky is a mosaic of squares overlapping each other.

Ava, 11

A glowing sphere covered in blue paper, leaves, paper houses and cotton balls to make it look like Earth.

Bella, 8

Illustration of Earth filled in with various pieces of rice and rocks to create the oceans and continents. Text reads The Earth is made up of many tiny parts.

Elladya, 9

Illustration of two mushrooms, one close up and one far away. Near the close up mushroom, there are spores coming from the mushroom. Text reads close up and far away.

Ivy, 10

Illustration of the Earth made of many dots of different colors.

Josie, 11

Image of the Earth with people holding hands all around it. The image is made of many cutout squares of different colors.

Kathryn, 14

Illustration of the Earth with a flowers growing out of it from all sides. Many bees are flying around the Earth.


Illustration of the Earth with the Sun in the sky. Various objects are pasted to the illustration to give detail to the Earth.

Konrad, 4

Illustration of Earth with a bunch of large flowers around it.


Illustration of Earth and various steps of the nitrogen cycle illustrated around it.

Luisa, 11

Piece of paper with bits of dough stuck on it to create and image of trees with a river flowing through them.

Mara, 9

Illustration of both the water cycle and the oxygen cycle. Each step is illustrated and discribed.

Naisha, 7

Various planets made out of sequins.

Pawel, 7

Illustration of Earth with many loops eminating from it.


Illustration of many circles with lines connecting them.

Suwan, 6

Illustration of an underwater scene, bees flying around flowers and Earth smiling. Text reads Happy Earth with bees and coral biodiversity.

Taifur, 5

Illustration of an underwater scene with various fish cutouts pasted around the scene.

Varvara, 5

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