Make colorful star cookies!

Make colorful star cookies!

Make these yummy star cookies with centers you can see through.

Yellow star
Red star
Blue star

You need to use the oven to make these cookies. Please find a grown-up to do this with you.


    Ingredients for the Star Cookie recipe
    Mixing bowls
    Measuring spoons
    Star-shaped cookie cutters or our star patterns and a knife
    Mini-cookie cutters or canape cutters (to cut out centers)
    Electric mixer
    Rolling pin
    Self-sealing plastic bags
    Baking sheets
    Pancake turner

Follow the recipe and enjoy your stars!

What colors are the stars REALLY?

When you look up at the night sky, you may think the stars look like little white lights. But look more carefully and you will see that some of them are bluish, some are reddish, and some are yellowish.

A star's color tells us how hot or cold it is. The bluish stars are the hottest ones. The reddish stars are the coolest, although still plenty hot! If you have a gas stove at home, you may have noticed that the bottom part of the flame is blue, and the tip of the flame is orange or yellow. That is because the bottom part of the flame is burning hotter than the top part.

Our sun is a yellow star—not too hot and not too cold. If it were white or blue or red, we probably wouldn't be able to live here!

Stars are NOT Star-shaped either!

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3

Somehow, a long time ago, people started drawing shapes with five or six (or more) points to represent stars. They probably drew them this way because stars look kind of "pointy" or twinkly to our eyes. When starlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, the moving air makes the light rays travel at just a little bit different speeds, so the stars appear to wiggle.

But stars are really spherical like our own star, the Sun.

Photo of our Sun.

link image for downloading pdf of above activity

article last updated October 24, 2019
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