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Article of the Month: Updated March 13, 2018

Illustration showing GOLD and ICON missions in relation to the layers of Earth's atmosphere

An artist's rendering of the twin GRACE-FO spacecraft in orbit around Earth. Credit: NASA

Measuring the Movement of Water on Earth

As far as we know, water is essential for every form of life. On our planet, we find water at every stage: liquid, solid (ice), and gas (steam and vapor). Our bodies are mostly water. We use it to drink, bathe, clean, grow crops, make energy, and more. With everything it does, measuring where the water on Earth is, and how it moves, is no easy task. NASA scientists have to get creative to study it all. One way they will measure where all that water is and how it moves, is by launching a set of spacecraft this spring called GRACE-FO.

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What Is the Ionosphere?

High above Earth is a very active part of our upper atmosphere called the ionosphere. The ionosphere gets its name from ions-tiny charged particles that blow around in this layer of the atmosphere. In 2018, NASA has plans to launch two missions that will work together to study the ionosphere.

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article last updated March 13, 2018
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