Make a Galaxy Montage

Make a Galaxy Montage

Example of galaxy montage art.

Make a colorful work of galactic art using coffee filters, markers and construction paper. Hang your galaxy montage on the wall or refrigerator to remind you of the beauty of the night sky and the great variety of shapes the galaxies take.

What you need:

  • Coffee filters, any size, 2-6. (For best results, ask a grown-up to iron them flat before using.)

  • One large sheet (11 x 17) of black construction paper

  • One large sheet (11 x 17) of colored or white construction paper (optional)

  • Colored marker pens, at least 3 bright colors. These should be water-color pens, not permanent markers. You want the colors to run together!

  • Water in a cup

  • Plastic sheet to protect table (a garbage bag works fine)

  • Eye dropper or drinking straw

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Blue (or other color) glitter (optional)

What to do:

  1. Using the water-color markers, draw colorful designs on the filters. You could draw stars, planets, moons and comets, if you like. After all, these are all objects that make up galaxies!

  2. Spread out the plastic sheet to protect table or floor and lay the coffee filters on it.

  3. Use the straw or eye dropper to dribble a few drops of water on the filters. The water will make the colors run together in lovely ways. Let the filters dry.

  4. When the filters are dry, cut them into galaxy shapes. See the galaxy patterns for our "Make a Galactic Mobile" activity for shape ideas. You may want to make the "arms" of spiral galaxies very long. Scientists have discovered the spiral arms often extend much farther than anyone thought. If you make the galaxies different sizes, the smaller ones will seem to be farther away.

  5. Arrange your galaxies on the sheet of black construction paper and glue them down with the glue stick.

  6. If you like, use the glue stick to add some blue glitter highlights to your galaxies. The blue glitter can be the thousands of new stars being born in the galaxy.

  7. If you like, glue the extra piece of construction paper on the back to make a two-sided border.

  8. Display your galaxy montage where your friends and family can admire it!

See some images of beautiful, faraway galaxies. Find out what surprising discoveries scientists made about galaxies using the GALEX space telescope.

link image for downloading pdf of above activity

article last updated October 24, 2019
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