About us

About us


NASA Space Place is a joint effort by

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Caltech California Institute of Technology
ITEA International Technology and Engineering Education Association
Team Members
Program Manager:   Nancy Leon
Content Developer:   Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Designer and Illustrator:   Alexander Novati
Webmaster and Developer:   Kyle Mansfield
Communications and Outreach Specialist:   Rachel Latterich
Outreach Coordinator:   Fran Castellaneta
Technical Advisor, Writer:   Dr. Marc Rayman
ITEEA Affiliate:   Katie de la Paz
Past Team Members
Content Developer:   Katie McKissick
Content Developer:   Alex Kasprak
Lead Programmer, Game Developer:   Austin Fitzpatrick
Content Developer:   Diane Fisher
Lead Programmer, Animator:   Anil Natha
Programmer:   John Ibañez
Graphic Artist &
Calendar Developer:
  Freida Brillantes
Graphic Designer &
Multimedia Producer:
  Enrique Garcia
Photographer, Graphic Artist:   Liliana Novati
Programming Assistant:   Brian Li
Concept Contributor:   Scott Marrett
Outreach Assistant:   Laura Lincoln
Outreach Assistant:   Trent Wells
Outreach Assistant:   Colleen Barboza

Commercial Product Disclaimer

Occasionally, information on a particular product that demonstrates how NASA-developed technology has been put into use may be included on a NASA web site. Any such mention of a commercial product on this web site should not be regarded as an endorsement or recommendation by NASA.

article last updated January 25, 2017
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