LandSat "Earth as Art" images

Akpatok Island, Canada

Akpatok Island is in northern Quebec, Canada. Because of all the ice in the bay around it, you can reach the island only by air. The snow and ice in this image appear white and ice a bluish-white, while the cold ocean water appears black through the cracks in the ice.

This image was taken on 1/22/2001.

Aleutian Clouds, Alaska, USA

These cloud formations were seen over the western Aleutian Islands. Their color differences are probably due to differences in temperature and in the size of water droplets that make up the clouds.

This image was taken on 6/16/2000.

Araca River, Brazil, South America

Brazil's Araca River is a branch of the Negro River, which feeds into the Amazon. Lush vegetation in this region appears a bright green.

This image was taken on 3/15/2000.