LandSat "Earth as Art" images

Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Africa

These are the Anti-Atlas Mountains, part of the Atlas Mountain range in southern Morocco, Africa. The region contains some of the world's largest and most diverse mineral resources. The different colors in this image are different types of rocks and minerals.

This image was taken on 6/22/2001.

Deforestation in Bolivia, South America

This image of Bolivia shows how the Amazon Basin rain forest is being destroyed. Loggers have cut long paths into the forest, while ranchers have cleared large blocks for their herds. Fanning out from these clear-cut areas are settlements of fields and farms. Healthy vegetation appears bright red in this image.

This image was taken on 8/1/2000.

Lake Carnegie, Australia

Lake Carnegie in Western Australia fills with water only during periods of heavy rainfall. In dry years, it is reduced to a muddy marsh. The waters of Lake Carnegie appear an iridescent blue-green in this image.

This image was taken on 5/19/1999.