Find the hidden comet words

See if you can find the important words. In each puzzle, the words in the list on the right are hidden in the jumble of letters. Words may be frontward, backward, upside-down, or diagonal. When you find a word, drag from the beginning of the word to select it.

Mystery stuff

17th century woodcut of Comet Halley

Long ago, the sight of a comet frightened people. With its bright head and long, wispy tails, comets did not look like anything else in the sky. And, unlike the sun, stars, and moon, comets did not seem to appear on any schedule. Comets were a deep mystery. Comet's tail always points away from Sun.

We now know that comets are part of our solar system. Like the planets, they orbit the sun. Some comets, called short-period comets, take up to 200 years to make one orbit. But some comets have orbits so big and elliptical (shaped like a squashed circle) it may take millions of years to make one trip around the sun!

Comets are the icy leftovers from when our solar system formed. We can learn much about how the solar system began by studying comets.

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