LandSat "Earth as Art" images

Volcanoes in Chile, South America

On the border between Chile and the Catamarca province of Argentina lies a vast field of inactive volcanoes. Over time, these volcanoes have laid down a crust of volcanic rock about 3.5 kilometers (2 miles) thick. This crust is tinged with various colors depending on the age and mineral content of the original lava flows. This mountainous region has little vegetation.

This image was taken on 5/15/1999.

Coahuila, Mexico

This desolate landscape is part of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, on the border between the Coahuila and Nuevo Leon provinces of Mexico. Ridges are olive green and gray, and river valleys are nearly white, with light blue water.

This image was taken on 11/28/1999.

Demini River, Brazil, South America

A marsh-like area borders the Demini River in northwestern Brazil. Vegetation that surrounds the Demini River appears a vibrant bright green. The waters of the River appear dark blue, while marshy areas appear pink and orange.

This image was taken on 3/15/2000.