Make a Space Place t-shirt!

Make a Space Place t-shirt!

Add Space Place transfer art to your own t-shirt.

Or, buy a t-shirt, jacket, hat, or other item from Lands' End® and they will customize it with the Space Place insignia!
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Photo of girl wearing Space Place t-shirt.

My t-shirt says I'm an out-of-this-world space explorer!

Image of Space Place banner.

Every part of the banner means something:
Ocean, clouds, trees, and Moon: Explore Earth!
Saturn and the Sun: Explore the solar system!
Spiral galaxy and stars: Explore the universe!
Rocket and satellite: Explore space technology!
Little house and people: Parents and teachers are welcome too!

Solar system drawing, showing all the planets in alignment, but not to scale.

This drawing will help you remember the order of all the planets, the Asteroid Belt, and the Kuiper Belt. Notice how different the planets look from each other. In this image, the planets are almost to scale, but the orbits are not.


Please ask a grown-up for help with this activity.

You will need:

  • A plain t-shirt

  • Iron-on printer transfer paper (available in craft stores), 2 sheets. If you pick a bright or dark color t-shirt, it is best to use transfer paper especially made for dark colors.

  • Transfer art for front and back graphics.

    Click on images to the right to download art. Be sure to use the non-reversed image for the dark fabric transfer paper.

  • Color printer

  • Iron

How to do transfers:

drawings of front and back of t-shirt with iron-on transfers.

Print the images for the front and back of the shirt onto the transfer paper, according to the instructions on the package.

Iron the transfer images onto the front and back of the shirt, according to the instructions on the package of transfer paper.

article last updated August 13, 2012
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