What's What in the What's Older Game?

The things in the pictures are all different ages. In each group, the pictures are arranged by age, and ranked from 1 to 5. 1 being the oldest and 5 being the newest (or youngest).

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Category: Person
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Old Man

Age Rank: 2


Age Rank: 3


Age Rank: 4


Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Baby Boy

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Category: Phones
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Old Crank Wallphone
Wall phone from around 1900. Caller turned crank a certain number of times for the operator or another party.

Bell Breguet Phone
Bell-Bréguet phone system from France, around 1880.
Age Rank: 2

Candlestick Phone
"Candlestick" phone from around 1920. No dial, so caller asked a phone company operator to make a call.

1920s Desk phone.
Black desk phone from the 1920s. Uses a rotary dial.
Age Rank: 3

1960 Dial Desk Phone
Desk phone from the 1960s. Previous phones were always black.

1960s Princess Phone
"Princess" Phone from the 1960s.
Age Rank: 4

1966 Touch Tone Phone
One of the first "touch tone" phones, from 1966.

Touch Tone Wall Phone
A "touch tone" wall phone, from the 1960s or later.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Cellular Telephone
A modern-day cell phone.

Cordless Telephone
A modern-day cordless phone with charging base and answering machine.
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Category: Toys
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Doll from 1930
Papier-maché doll from 1830.

Doll from 1850
China head doll from 1850.
Age Rank: 2

1930 Popeye
Wooden Popeye doll from the 1930s.

Felix the Cat from 1910
Tin Felix the cat from 1910 looks cool in his glasses.
Age Rank: 3

Robot Man from 1948
Tin robot man from 1948.

Donald Duck™ from 1950
Donald Duck™ takes a bath, from 1950.
Age Rank: 4

1978 Stretch Armstrong™
Stretch Armstrong™ from 1978.

Mr. Machine™ from 1970
1970s Mr. Machine™ could even walk.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

2006 Power Ranger™
A brand new Power Ranger™ from 2006.

2006 Barbie™
Barbie™ wants to start her own band this year.
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Category: Airplanes
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

1480 Leonardo da Vinci Ornithopter
When he designed the Ornithopter in 1480, da Vinci thought it would fly like a bird. It did not.

1889 Glider
A glider built by German engineer Otto Lilienthal in 1889.
Age Rank: 2

Wright Flyer
In 1930, the Wright Brothers were the first to build and successfully fly an airplane.
Age Rank: 3

Airplane ride of 1919
People took rides in this biplane in 1919.

Biplane from 1933
This biplane was built in 1933.
Age Rank: 4

Douglas DC-3
The DC-3 airplanes began carrying passengers in 1938. It was the first comfortable, reliable, and money-making passenger airplane.

World War II Fighter Plane
World War II Fighter airplane from the 1940s.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Concorde from 1974
The Concorde passenger airplane, built in 1974, could fly faster than the speed of sound. It is no longer flown.

Airplane carrying Pegasus to be launched.
In 2003, this L1011 jumbo jet carried the Pegasus rocket up to 40,000 feet, where Pegasus blasted off, carrying the Galex telescope to space.

Boing 787
The new Boeing 787 passenger plane is expected to begin service in 2008.
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Category: Automobiles
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Motor Wagon from 1900s
Motorized wagon built around 1900. Borrowed design from horse-drawn buggy.

1903 Michigan
1903 "Michigan," made in Kalamazoo.
Age Rank: 2

1930 Ford Model A
Model A Ford, built around 1930.

1927 Chevy
1927 Chevrolet.
Age Rank: 3

1935 Chevy Coupe
1935 Chevrolet Coupe.

1940 Packard.
1940 Packard.
Age Rank: 4

1951 Ford Victoria
1951 Ford Victoria.

1953 Chevy Truck
1953 Chevrolet pick-up.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

1969 Camaro
1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

2005 Chevy
A 2005 Chevrolet.
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Category: Computers
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

An abacus, the first calculator. No one knows when it was invented, but it was least 700 years ago.

Slide Rule
Invented in the early 1600s, and widely used through the 1970s and later for doing calculations.
Age Rank: 2

ENIAC Computer
The ENIAC computer, built in 1946, took up a room 30 feet wide by 50 feet long.

1942 Computer
The Atanasoff computer, built in 1942, but not completed because its inventors were drafted into the Army.
Age Rank: 3

1981 Osborne
Osborne 1 from 1981, the first true portable computer.

1982 Compaq
Compaq portable computer, introduced in 1982.
Age Rank: 4

Pentium 3 Based Computer
This is a computer that uses the Pentium 3 Processor, first introduced in 1999.

Macintosh computer from the 1980s
This Apple Macintosh SE computer was introduced in 1987.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

This laptop (or notebook) computer was built in 2005.

2005 Computer with a Flat Screen Monitor.
This 2005 microcomputer has a flat screen monitor.
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Category: Writing Tools
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Quill Pen
Quill pens and ink have been used for over one thousand years!

1874 Typewriter
This typewriter is from 1874.
Age Rank: 2

Fountain Pen
Fountain pens can be refilled with ink. They have been around since 1915.

1890s Typewriter
This dusty, rusty typewriter is from the 1890s.
Age Rank: 3

Electric Typewriter from the 1960s
One of the first electric typewriters, from the 1960s.

Manual Typewriter from the 1960s
Manual typewriter (not electic) from the 1960s.
Age Rank: 4

1973 Vydec
An early word processing machine (like a computer), from 1973.

IBM Selectric from 1970s
IBM Selectric™ typewriter from the 1970s. All the letters were on a rapidly moving metal ball.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Laptop Computer
The latest in laptop computers. Good fro writing an a lot of other things.

Flat screen computer
The latest in flat-screen desktop computers, good for writing and many other things.
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Category: Cameras
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Obscura Camera
This is a very simple camera obscura, first mentioned in Chinese writings around 400BC (2,400 years ago).

A daguerreotype Camera
A dadguerreotype camera, made in 1939. Daguerreotyping was an early process for making photos.
Age Rank: 2

Camera from 1889
A camera made in about 1889.
Age Rank: 3

1936 Olympus Camera
This camera was made in 1936.
Age Rank: 4

1995 Olympus Camera
This camera with a built-in zoom lens was made in 1995.

1958 Olyumpus Ace
This camera was made in 1958. It could use different lenses on the same camera.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

GALEX Space Telescope
The GALEX space telescope, launched in 2003, takes pictures of galaxies of all ages, and astronomers can look at the pictures and tell which galaxies are older!

Digital Camera
These new digital camears are so small they can fit on a keychain.
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Category: Telescopes
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

1609 Telescope made by Galileo
In 1609, Galileo used this telescope to make some major discoveries in the night sky.

Telescope invented by Newton in 1672
Reflecting telescope, invented by Isaac Newton in 1672.
Age Rank: 2

Telescope built in 1785 by William Herschel
In 1785, William Herschel built this large telescope and used it to discover two more moons of Saturn.

1894 Telescope
Percival Lowell thought he saw canals on Mars through this telescope in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1894.
Age Rank: 3

Telescope resting on Mount Wilson
In 1908, George Ellery Hale was responsible for getting this 60-inch telescope built and installed on Mt. Wilson, overlooking Pasadena, California.

Telescope resting on Mt. Palomar, California
On Mt. Palomar in Calfornia, this 200-inch telescope was completed in 1948.
Age Rank: 4

Hubble Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 and still captures amazing images to send down to Earth.

1996 Keck Telescope
The second of the twin Keck Telescopes on Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii was completed in 1996.
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

GALEX Space Telescope
The GALEX space telescope was launched in 2003 and is still observing the universe in ultraviolet light.

Spitzer Space Telescope
The Spitzer Space Telescope was launched in 2003 and is still observing the universe in infrared light.
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Category: Buildings
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Stane Age Hunters Tent
Stone age hunters (over 10,000 years ago) may have used shelters made of animal skins, like this.
Age Rank: 2

Giza Pyramids
These pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians around 4,600 years ago.
Age Rank: 3

Greek Temple, Parthenon
This ancient Greek Temple, the Parthenon, was built around 440 BC (about 2,440 years ago).

Roman Coliseum
This ancient Roman Coliseum was built around 80 AD (about 1,930 years ago).
Age Rank: 4

Cathedral in France.
This cathedral in France was built around 1200 AD (800 years ago).

Church in Italy
This church in Italy was completed in 1490 (about 500 years ago).

La Rotonda
"La Rotonda" was built in Italy around 1580 (over 425 years ago).
Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Disney Concert Hall
The Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was completed in 2003.
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Category: Art
Age Rank: 1 (oldest)

Cave Painting
Cave painting found in Lascaux, France. Made around 15,000 to 10,000 BC (12,000 to 17,000 years ago)!

Caveperson making a cavepainting
Cartoon caveman does a cave painting. He would have lived over 12,000 years ago.
Age Rank: 2

Ancient Egyptian Art
Ancient Egyptian art from around 1000 BC (or 3,000 years ago).

Greek Vase
Ancient Greek vase, from around 460 BC (over 2,460 years ago).

Wall painting from ancient Roman Empire, around 70 AD (over 1,930 years ago).
Age Rank: 3

sculpture known as "David" by Michelangelo
Sculpture "David" by Michelangelo, completed in 1504 (500 years ago).

Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," painted in 1503 (500 years ago).

Age Rank: 4

Van Gogh Painting
Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Bedroom at Arles" from 1888 (well over 100 years ago).

Portrait of little dog
Head of a Dog by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painted in 1870 (about 140 years ago).

Painting of lady with umbrella, blue sky in background with fluffy white clouds.
Woman with a Parasol by Claude Monet, painted in 1875 (about 130 years ago).

Age Rank: 5 (newest)

Abstract painting
Abstract paintingby sharond Hudson, alive and painting today.

Painting by Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso's "Girl with Dark Hair," painted around 1930.
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