Word Cross Puzzle Clues and Answers

Down Puzzle Word given: HURRICANE

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The GOES satellites keep an eye on big storms like hurricanes. They see what direction the storm is moving and how fast, so weather forecasters can warn people to prepare.

Across Clues and Answers:
[HEAT] your house to make it warm inside.
That big, gray [CLOUD] in the sky is full of rain.
We live on planet [EARTH].
A hurricane is a very strong [STORM].
In a hurricane the [WIND] blows really hard.
During winter, temperatures at the North Pole are [COLD].
Hurricanes cause big [WAVES] on the ocean's surface.
The GOES see bad weather coming and can [WARN] us.
A calm "hole" in the center of a hurricane is called its [EYE].

Down Puzzle Word given: SATELLITE


GOES-R is the next generation of high-tech weather satellites. Like GOES, it will take pictures of Earth's weather and study the Sun. The pictures will be better than ever.

Across Clues and Answers:
After it rains, we may see a rainbow in the [SKY].
The GOES Satellite watches Earth from [SPACE].
The color of snow is [WHITE].
When it's hot, sit under a shady [TREE].
The color of the sky on a sunny day is [BLUE].
The fluffy, white [CLOUD] looks like cotton.
When water freezes, it makes [ICE].
In summer, the weather is [HOT].
I was out in the rain, so my hair is [WET].

Down Puzzle Word given: LIGHTNING

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The new GOES-R satellites will detect lightning from space and map the lightning strikes that occur all over our side of the Earth.

Across Clues and Answers:
Earth is a [PLANET] that supports life.
Earth's atmosphere is a mix of gases called [AIR].
Short for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite. [GOES]
Ice balls from the clouds. [HAIL]
The imaginary "belt" around Earth's middle. [EQUATOR}
The GOES can [WARN] us if a dangerous storm is coming.
The GOES make one [ORBIT] around Earth each day.
The low, rumbling sound that follows lightning. [THUNDER]
Dirty air pollution from cars, factories, and power plants. [SMOG]

Down Puzzle Word given: METEOROLOGY

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Meteorology is the study of weather. The weather forecaster
on TV is usually a meterologist.

Across Clues and Answers:
People who live in a cold [CLIMATE] often get snow.
One GOES-R satellite will watch the [WEST] coast and Pacific.
GOES-R can detect [LIGHTNING] flashes from space, but not thunder.
The other GOES-R will watch over the [EAST] coast and Atlantic.
Too much rain over a short time may cause a [FLOOD].
A [TORNADO] is a spinning, funnel-shaped cloud that touches the ground.
A white, fluffy [CLOUD] usually means fair weather.
When a [VOLCANO] erupts, ash in the air can damage airplanes.
[FOG] is a cloud that touches Earth's surface.
A hurricane releases more [ENERGY] than all the world's power plants!
The Sun puts out [XRAYS], the kind of light used to see your bones.

Down Puzzle Word given: MAGNETIC

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GOES-R will study Earth's magnetic field, or magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is an invisible "force field" that protects Earth from harmful particles and radiation from the Sun.

Across Clues and Answers:
The Sun has violent [STORMS] that blast clouds of hot gas into space.
Satellites help to forecast bad space [WEATHER] that may affect Earth.
The Sun is a big, fiery ball of [GAS].
The [SUN] is at the center of the solar system.
Earth's magnetic field has invisible [LINES] of force.
The Northern [LIGHTS] are colorful curtains in the sky near the N. Pole.
Charged [PARTICLES] from the Sun hitting Earth's atmosphere cause #6.
The solar wind travels at 185 - 435 miles per [SECOND].