San Cristobal Volcano

San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua

MISR took these pictures of the area around the San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua (in Central America). The volcano had just erupted the previous day. The picture on the top was taken by MISR's straight-down-looking camera. On the bottom is a 3-D picture of the same area. This 3-D picture was made from pictures that two of MISR's camera's took from different angles. To see the 3-D effect, view the picture through red/blue 3D glasses, with the red filter over the left eye.

A plume from San Cristobal (near the center of the picture) is much easier to see in the 3-D picture. You can see that the plume floats between the surface and the overlying clouds. A second plume is also visible in the lower right. This very thin plume may come from the Masaya volcano, which is spewing out gases and particles at a much slower rate.