The Magic Visible Light Window

Visible light has just the right amount of energy for our eyes to detect them.Click to learn about X-RaysClick to learn about Ultraviolet radiationClick to learn about Infrared radiationClick to learn about MicrowavesClick to learn about Radio wavesClick to learn about Gamma Rays
Hubble space Telescope Space Place Kids see Jupiter in visible light.

The Visible Light Magic Window sees the same part of the spectrum as our eyes see. Visible waves are a little shorter than the size of a bacterium. This is planet Jupiter. If you looked through a very good telescope you would see Jupiter like this. The Hubble Space Telescope in Earth orbit sees very far and very faint objects in the visible part of the spectrum, as well as the ultraviolet.

Visible light contains all the colors we can see.

By the way, in the visible light range of the electromagnetic spectrum are the separate smaller ranges that our eyes see as different colors. A prism separates white light into its different wavelengths. White light goes in, all the colors of the rainbow come out. In the visible range, red has the longest wavelength, while violet has the shortest.