I see ice in the Kuiper Belt!

Quaoar is lit only on the right, a splotchy blue and black rough sphere, with craters.

This is an artist's idea of what the newly discovered object called Quaoar (KWA-whar) might look like. Quaoar, too small to be called a planet or even a dwarf planet, is about half the diameter of Pluto. It orbits the Sun far beyond Pluto in the Kuiper (KI-per) Belt. Around 70,000 icy bodies orbit in this far-off region of the solar system. These objects occasionally break free to become the comets we see streaking across the sky.

Quaoar covers about one-third of the United States in this image.

Quaoar's size compared with North America.

View from just beyond planet toward a tiny yellow spot, which is the Sun.

Artist's concept of dwarf planet Makemake recently discovered in the far away Kuiper Belt.

Somewhat spherical object, lit on right side only, with large crater and radiating lines.

Artist's concept of a huge crater seen on a 48-mile-wide chunk of ice in the Kuiper belt called 8405 Asbolus.