NASA Space Place Materials Partners

NASA Space Place stickers and temporary tattoos

If your organization is planning a public outreach event that involves children and you would like to receive a limited quantity of NASA Space Place items (bookmarks, stickers, temporary tattoos), please fill out our Materials Request Form more than three weeks before your event.

Would you like to become a NASA Space Place Materials Partner?

If so, you will receive an email from us three times a year asking you if you need any materials for upcoming events. Our emails will be timed with Astronomy Day, Earth Day, Back to School, etc. To subscribe to our list as a Materials Partner, send an email to and let us know that you’re interested.

Whether or not you join our program, you are always welcome to request materials from us anytime using the Materials Request Form.

Click here to submit a request via the form!

Note: We can only send materials to U.S. postal addresses.

article last updated June 20, 2017
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