Image of Mars.
All About Mars
A cartoon illustration of the Perseverance Mars rover with a smiling face.
The Perseverance Rover
Illustration of a travel postcard for Mars.
Weather On Other Planets
Cartoon illustration of Mars, a red planet, smiling.
Countdown to Mars
Mission to Mars Student Challenge: Get students involved as NASA lands a rover on Mars on February 18!
Black and white outline of Mars and its features.
NASA Coloring Pages
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

December Art Challenge Selections

Draw a picture of a new galaxy or nebula that you think the James Webb Space Telescope will discover. You can even give your new finding a name!

Alyssa, 6

Dhanvee, 11

Ella, 12



Jaden, 6

Katherine, 13

Lainey, 9

Len, 13

Melanie, 13

Simarpreet, 13

Sofia, 10

Sophia, 10

Spriha, 8

Sreevatsan, 12

Vaishnavi, 16

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