The amazing Hubble Telescope

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Cartoon: Man on street has telescope eyeballs reads newspaper in vending machine very far away

If you could see as well as the Wide Field and Planetary Camera on the Hubble Space Telescope, you would be able to read the fine print on a newspaper one mile away!

You may have seen some of the awesome pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. These pictures were actually taken by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) that flew aboard the Hubble from 1993 to 2009.

WFPC2 installation on HST

In this 1993 picture, NASA Space Shuttle astronauts install the WFPC2 camera on the Hubble Space Telescope. Besides taking pictures, the camera acts like eyeglasses to correct a flaw in the telescope's mirror.

This camera is very sensitive to the faintest light, and it can focus on objects very far away.

Instead of trying to read newspapers, WFPC2 focused on the faintest and most far away objects in the universe. They include other galaxies, cloudy bubbles of gas from dying stars, and gassy regions that are the nurseries where stars are born.

Montage of space images taken by Hubble Space Telescope.

Here's a montage of some of the images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

article last updated October 24, 2019
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