Image of Mars.
All About Mars
A cartoon illustration of the Perseverance Mars rover with a smiling face.
The Perseverance Rover
Illustration of a travel postcard for Mars.
Weather On Other Planets
Cartoon illustration of Mars, a red planet, smiling.
Countdown to Mars
NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has touched down on the surface of the Red Planet! Check out for the latest updates.
Black and white outline of Mars and its features.
NASA Coloring Pages
An illustration of a paintbrush painting a galaxy. Text over the illustration reads: NASA Space Place Art Challenge, click here to learn more.

February Art Challenge Selections

For the February challenge, draw a picture of what you think the Sun looked like on any day you like. Was that day a quiet day? Or a more active day with solar flares and sunspots? You decide!

Aadi, 11

Aniketh, 8

Arabella, 8

Ariana, 10

Clarissa, 14

Eli, 5

Elian, 9

J Ann, 13

Katherine, 13

Kerri, 18

Kyndra, 8

Liliana, 8

Madelyn, 9

Nolan, 10

Olivia, 6

Payten, 12

Tariana, 12

Yalíz, 11

Zoe, 8

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