Dr. Marc Rayman Answers Questions

Astrophysicist Dr. Marc Rayman has answered a few questions asked by visitors to museums, libraries and zoos. He has recorded many of his answers so you can listen while you read along.

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How Have Advances in Space Technology Helped Us on Earth?

Why Is Earth Rotating? Did It Always Have the Same Rotation Period? Will It Always Have the Same Rotation Period?

Can the Aurora Borealis Be Seen in the New York City Area?

What Do We Know About Our Moon?

What Protected the Apollo Astronauts From Meteoroids While They Were on the Moon?

How Long Does Each Phase of the Moon Last?


How Does the Sun Make Enough Energy and Light for All the Stars We See?

If the Sun Became a Black Hole, Would Earth Get Pulled Inside?

Solar System

Why Do the Planets Go Around the Sun?

Why Don't We See Planets Near the North Star?

Is There Life on Mars?

How Do Scientists Know the Distance Between the Planets?

How Do We Know the Temperature of the Cloud Tops of Jupiter?

If Jupiter and Saturn Are Gas Giants, Could You Fly Straight Through Them?

Can a Space Ship Land on the Rings of Saturn?

What Powers a Comet?


How Hot Can a Star Be? (And Other Star Questions)

What Is the Brightest Star?

Do Constellations Ever Break Apart or Change?

Is It Possible to Point to a Direction in the Sky and Say "That Way Is the Center of the Universe, Where the Big Bang Started?" If Not, Why Not?

Is Time Travel Possible?

Why Is the Sky Dark at Night?

Science and Technology

Why Can't an Airplane Just Fly Into Space? Why Do We Need Rockets?

If Spacecraft Sent to Other Planets Don't Come Back to Earth, How Do We Get Pictures From Them?

How Can the Hubble Space Telescope Look Back in Time?

article last updated October 9, 2018
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