Let's Go to Mars!

Let's Go to Mars!

You and your crew are about to blast off to Mars!

Now you must decide what to take on the long journey in space.

The spaceship that will take you on the 9-month journey to Mars is already in a "parking orbit" around Earth. Everything you will need after you get to Mars has already been sent ahead to the red planet.

The orbiting Mars spaceship already contains everything you need to stay alive: air, food, water, heaters.

But you need to decide what else to take. For example, what favorite foods and beverages will you want to take? And, how will you pass the time?

You will be allowed to take only 10 items. Just remember, some things that work fine on Earth will cause problems in zero gravity!

When you are happy with what you've loaded in the rocket, you can blast off to Mars!

So, what are we REALLY doing about Mars?

page published on May 5, 2011
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